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MaDKit /


Multiagent Development Kit

MaDKit is a multiagent-based development platform written in Java. MaDKit is designed to easily build distributed applications and simulations using the multiagent paradigm and features:

  • Artificial agents creation and life cycle management
  • An organizational infrastructure for communication between agents, structuring the application
  • High heterogeneity in agent architectures: No predefined agent model
  • Multi-Agent based simulation and simulator authoring tools
  • Multi-agent based distributed application authoring facilities

In contrast to conventional approaches, which are mostly agent-centered, MaDKit follows an organization-centered approach (OCMAS) so that there is no predefnied agent model in MaDKit. So, MaDKit is built upon the AGR (Agent/Group/Role) organizational model: agents play roles in groups and thus create artificial societies.


MaDKit 4 comes with a full set of applications illustrating what can be done using MaDKit.
MaDKit 5 contains the new version of the kernel API, some demos and tutorials.
Both could be tested to have an hint about what MaDKit is.

Related projects


The TurtleKit platform relies on a logo-based simulation model and proposes a Logo programming approach while giving all the possibilities afforded by high level programming languages.



As its name indicates it, MaDKitGroupExtension is an open source extension of MaDKit that enables to manage advanced representations of groups.



Warbot is both a game and an analysis platform for agents coordination in a competitive situation where two teams of "robots" compete to kill the enemy base.



SEdit is a software tool for the design and animation of structured diagrams represented as graph-like structures.