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MaDKit-5 /



Javadoc detailing the MaDKit-5 programming interface


Online Tutorials

Getting started with MaDKit-5 source code examples illustrating basic features


French Tutorial

By second year students at the IUT of Montpellier


Source code

Demo source Code

Demo source codes are available in the demos directory of MaDKit-5


XML configuration file sample

Xml files could be used to set running parameters and launch agents

XML config sample

ANT build file template

Easing the development and deployment of MaDKit-5 projects


MaDKit-5 source code

It could be used to attach source in an IDE for easing the development

MadKit-5 source code

MaDKit-5 development tree

The complete MaDKit-5 development tree is available on github

MaDKit-5 development tree

Testing MaDKit 5

Unzip MaDKit-5.3.2 .zip somewhere in your file system.
Then, using java -jar madkit-5.3.2 .jar launches the desktop mode of MaDKit-5 which could be used to test the demos.
The demo directory contains files for different purposes:

  • Using the jar files
    These jar files are runnable: Double click them (file execution permission is required) or use java -jar demo-name.jar
    They are also used to build the demo menu of the MaDKit-5 desktop which could be launch by running the kernel jar file.
  • Using the jnlp files
    These files could be used to launch the last version of a demo using Java web start.
    You can also distribute these files so that one can see the demos without installing anything
  • Source codes
    Can be tested in Eclipse with Import > Existing project > Select Archive File > > finish

Developing with MaDKit 5

madkit-5.jar is a regular Java library which could be used by simply having it on the classpath: First, unzip the MaDKit-5.3.2 .zip file somewhere in your file system. Then, in a new Java project, add the madkit-5.3.2 .jar to the build path (e.g. in your Eclipse project). Now, you can start using the API.
Optional: You can use the build.xml file in your project to easily build library and deployment files (runnable jars, Java Web Start files, etc.)

To launch your MadKit agents, simply either
(1) use, anywhere, a main method with something like :

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		new Madkit("--launchAgents","mypackage.myagentClass;mypackage.myOtherAgentClass");

(2) use, in an agent class, a main method with :

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		executeThisAgent(args) // This will execute one agent of this kind with a GUI

(3) use a command line such as

java -cp pathTo-madkit-5.3.2
.jar:yourClassPath madkit.kernel.Madkit --launchAgents mypackage.myagentClass;mypackage.myOtherAgentClass

Other command line options are described in the API of the madkit.kernel.Madkit class