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MaDKit is a lightweight Java library for designing and simulating Multi-Agent Systems (MAS)

   MaDKit is free software licensed under CeCILL-C

Multi-Agent based simulation and simulator authoring tools

Artificial agents creation and
life cycle management

Use an organizational model for easing communication between agents

Heterogeneity in agent architectures:
No predefined agent model

MaDKit 5.2

MadKit 4.4.0 (Last 4th release)

MadKit 4.2.0 (Last 4th stable)

MaDKit 5 contains the new version of the kernel API, some demos,
and some tutorials.

MaDKit 4 comes with a full set of facilities and agents for launching, displaying,
developping and monitoring agents and organisations.

Both could be tested to have an hint about what MaDKit is.


July 18th 2017: MaDKit 5.2 is out ! This is the last MaDKit kernel ! It passes all the tests we have implemented so far. Feedback is of course welcome !
You can find older MaDKit-5 versions here.