MaDKit 5.3.2

Multiagent Development Kit: API for building multiagent applications as artificial societies

Contains enumerations useful for (1) interacting with agents and (2) building customized GUI.
This package defines the default communities, groups and roles constants in MaDKit 5.
Contains classes for Agent GUI authoring in MaDKit.
Contains classes for building MaDKit GUI menus.
Contains classes for building MaDKit GUI toolbars.
This package is related to internationalization work.
Provides classes that are fundamental to the design of MaDKit applications.
Contains subclasses of Message which could be easily reused.
Contains message classes useful for monitoring MaDKit kernel events.
Contains utilities related with simulation authoring.
Contains activators for simulation authoring.
Contains classes designed for encapsulating simulation models.
Contains probes for simulation authoring.
Contains specialized Scheduler agents
Contains default viewer classes for simulation visualization.
Contains some utilities for working with MaDKit.