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#1 HowTo » filtering a reply message » 2017-03-22 01:04:02

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please, is it a way to filter a reply to message ?
that is to say, without removing the message from the mailbox
thank you.

#2 HowTo » ACLMessage content » 2017-03-11 22:13:36

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i'm working with the last version of madkit (5.1.1), and i try to use the setContent() method to fill the content of an ACLMessage, and the getContent() method to retrieve the value.

please, am i using the right methods ?

it seems that these two methods don't proceed on the same variable.
in the source code the setContent() method is overridden in ACLMessage class and putting the value in a Hashtable structure while getContent is retrieve value from String content variable.

thank you in advance for your help

#3 Re: HowTo » How to know message type » 2017-03-10 11:36:35

Thank you !
you save me a lot of time

#4 HowTo » How to know message type » 2017-03-10 03:36:21

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Please, is there a way to know the type of a received message, and so is it possible to use different types of messages at the same time.
thank you for help.

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