MadKit - Multi Agent Development Kit

Version 4.5.1

Olivier Gutknecht
Jacques Ferber
Fabien Michel

MadKit is developped by the MadKit Team..


General documentation

Faq and How to


MadKit comes with a set of tools which may be used to help the development of multiagent applications.

Specialized and dedicated multiagent contexts

MadKit comes with different execution and development contexts and a set of basic agents which may be used as a starting point for your development.

MadKit requires an installed Java 2 virtual machine. MadKit needs a jre or jdk 1.4.xx or later.


MadKit is licensed under the LGPL license for all core parties of MadKit (including both the Communicator and the NetAgent) and under GPL for all GUI interfaces and platform extensions.

MadKit comes with third party components: check their license in the User's guide.