package helloworld.ex04;

import madkit.kernel.Agent;
import madkit.kernel.Madkit.BooleanOption;

  If you used Java web start and did not open its console, 
  maybe that you did not see anything in the previous example as the agents were launched without a GUI.
  executeThisAgent(int, boolean, String...) can also take 
  additional parameters, especially MaDKit options such as 
  specified in the madkit.kernel.Madkit.BooleanOption enumeration.
  Let us add the BooleanOption#console option to request the launching of the madkit.gui.ConsoleAgent,
  which is a specific agent embedded that gathers all System.out outputs
  in its own GUI, so that we can also see the outputs of agents that have no GUI.

public class AddingParametersToExecuteThisAgent extends Agent {

    protected void live() {
       int nb = 10;
       while (nb-- > 0) {
           getLogger().info("Living... I will quit in " + nb + " seconds");
       getLogger().info("Bye !!");

    public static void main(String[] args) {
       executeThisAgent(3, false, BooleanOption.console.toString());
       // which is strictly equivalent to 
       // executeThisAgent(3, false, "--console");