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#1 Re: HowTo » Add a New Library » 2012-09-03 16:56:22

Hello there,

How do make use of the property provided in this v. test version ?

I tried the obvious :

<property name="" location="lib/my.jar" /> 

But the compilator is still looking after the package... also how to correctly set the property for multiple entries ?

#2 Re: Feedback » followsymlink ? No ! » 2012-08-16 13:36:52

Sorry, my mistake: the problem doesn't occur in a clean task, but when building the jar.

Let say I have files inside a data/ directory to load at runtime.
These data are supposed to end inside of the build and they come from a source directory.
One safe way to do this is to copy this data/ into the build/, and voilà.
And other way, which looks more clever at first, since (1) those data could be heavy, (2) they are unchanged after or before compilation -- instead of a copy, to make a symlink. Logical isn't it ? Well, not that much when considering ant default behaviour on a delete task : not only the generated files are deleted, but also the content of any symlinked directory : it ends up with a source data/ directory empty.

What do you think of one demo in MK with a customizable and independent build file ?

#3 Feedback » followsymlink ? No ! » 2012-08-15 17:09:38

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for madkit v. :
May I suggest to add a followsymlinks="no" to the fileset targeted by a 'clean' task ?
So that only the symlink is removed but no content.
Quite strange that ant manage this this way by default since it is completely unsafe.

#4 Re: HowTo » Add a New Library » 2012-08-15 17:04:48

Yes, so far, it is only for compilation purpose : command line + ant

To expand the topic, a dynamic classloader that could look onto its own jar to load a new set of classes is an interesting feature, if such packaging, obfuscation and distribution are needed.
Most of the trail found for this second topic are on about jar in jar, dynamic jar loading , etc.
or here : … ading.html.
Since this is about reflection and dynamic classes loading, there are a few security concerns to examine. IMHO, the classes should be signed.

#5 Re: HowTo » Intégrer une nouvelle bibliothèque dans madkit. » 2012-08-06 15:18:12

Désolé, me suis trompé de section.
Je connais la réponse pour la v4.
Ma question concernant Madkit5, est posée ici :

#6 HowTo » Add a New Library » 2012-08-06 15:16:36

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Hi there,

Madkit went through a slimming program wink

Simple question : How to add a new library into a madkit5 project... without eclipse ?

#7 Re: HowTo » Intégrer une nouvelle bibliothèque dans madkit. » 2012-08-04 22:00:00

Cher amis maniaques du Ant et des build.xml , bonjour wink

La question se pose encore : comment faire pour inclure une nouvelle lib pour compiler un projet... sans Eclipse ?

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