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#1 Wishlist and general discussion » Multi-level modeling under madkit » 2012-02-14 18:07:43

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Hello everybone,

I am Jean-Baptiste Soyez a phd student in a laboratory in Lille (France) called LAGIS and whose tutors are Rochdi Merzouki, Daniel Dupont and Gildas Morvan.
I have an thesis project to create an multi-level multi-agent meta-model. This model will be developed with the MadKit platform. And if it is possible, one day the concepts related to the multi-level approach should be integrated nativly to MadKit. Here the levels are a generalization of the scale concept and more generaly refer to different point of view.

I publish this post to make my work public, to participate to the evolution of MadKit and to get any advice of MadKit users or anybody who is interrested in the multi-agent field.

Thanks for your comments.

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